Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Powerpoint Girl Saves the Day! (Not entirely unlike the Powerpuff girl)

[Scene: My office, 5:00 PM. Five very high profile people (including the two partners of the firm) frantically trying to get a very important presentation done. Time's running out fast. I sit on my workstation, watching the proceedings out of the corner of my eye. I just don't envy my colleague who's working on it, with all those people breathing down his neck.]

[Fifteen minutes later: The presentation finishes with minutes to spare. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. It is quickly transferred to the laptop.]

Boss 1:(to the colleague) "Thank you, . Good job."

[Others wipe their sweat, look throughly relieved.]

Boss 2: "Phew. Now let's go through it one last time."

Colleague: Sure. (Opens the presentation on the laptop.)

[HORROR OF HORRORS! The only thing visible on the screen is a jumble of odd symbols. The presentation was in Hindi and all the fonts went haywire. Panic attack.]

Colleague: Sir, that's not a problem; I just need to install all the fonts on this laptop. Then, it will read just fine.

Boss 1: The clients will also need a copy. The fonts are not installed in their system. What will we do then?

Colleague: (speechless)

Me: (In my famous nervous squeak): Sir, we can embed the fonts.

[Everyone turns around to look at me; puzzled.]

Me (Clearing my throat): Yes sir, there is an option in powerpoint, in which the fonts are saved in the file itself. The file will read on any system irrespective of the fonts installed.

Boss 1: Okay do it then.

Me: (Walk over to the terminal and "do the needful". Trying not shiver.) Sir, done.

[More transfers happen. Files are replaced. I pray desperately that nothing goes wrong. The file opens on the laptop, and Viola! It worked. All the fonts are right there. The presentation is perfect.

Everyone looks with respect at yours truly. There are pats on back and much gratitude is expressed. And I walk back smartly to my work station, head held high.]

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  1. Ooooh. How do you do that, then? The embedding of fonts thing?